Cannabis, in my opinion as a medical doctor, is one of the most helpful and health providing plant that is abundant on Earth. And, we are at the frontier of our understanding of the benefits that can be derived from this plant.

This plant has a history of healing that spans thousands of years of recorded history. Each person who grows and cultivates the cannabis plant has the ability through their own selection process to include more THC which is the substance that produces the mind-altering properties, or less THC and more CBD which is known to demonstrate the more healing properties.

CBD oils have a large amount of CBD, and are very low in THC. These CBD oils are prepared intentionally for their healing qualities and not for their ingestion to “get high.”

CBD oil, for example, has been shown in studies to control pain. A 2006 article published in the Journal of Pharmacology/European noted the “substantial anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects” of CBD by inhibiting neural transmissions in pain pathways.

It has been noted in a medical journal entitled Inflammation, that internal inflammation is very likely the root cause of about 7 out of 10 chronic diseases.

Therefore, it’s logical to deduce that controlling inflammation by the use of CBD oil will ultimately reduce the symptoms of many of the diseases from which we currently suffer.

BUT, all CBD oil is not the same.

So how do you know whether you’re buying a good product or nothing more than colored and flavored water? Read my article on which CBD oil to select.

From Nature’s Own Doctor, this is Tom Gionis, MD wishing you great health through what Nature provides.