The 8 organs of your Immune System:

  1. Tonsils & adenoids
  2. Lymph nodes & lymphatic vessels
  3. Thymus
  4. Bronchus associated lymphoid tissue in the lungs
  5. Spleen
  6. Peyr’s patches in the intestines
  7. Appendix
  8. Bone marrow

The main function of your Immune System: To defend against harmful substances and germs that enter our bodies through any number of ways. For example, through the skin, or through digestion or through breathing into our lungs.

Vitamins that boost your Immune System: B6 and vitamin E are important vitamins to boost your Immune Systems. B6 supports the Immune System and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight infection.

How to diagnose an Immune System disorder: A blood test. In a blood test, look for the score of your immunoglobulin. These are our infection fighting proteins in your blood.

Food that weakens your Immune System:  Here is a short list of foods to try not to include in your diet:

  1. Foods high in sugar
  2. Sodas
  3. Processed foods
  4. Refined carbohydrates (If it come in white, don’t eat it: Bread, pizza dough, pastries, white rice, sugar)
  5. Alcoholic drinks

Your Immune System is arguably the most important system in your body. Treat it with respect, and it will serve you well.

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